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SUTD Organization of Autonomous Robotics (SOAR) focuses on autonomous robotics platforms, as well as AI and machine learning frameworks.

We aim to nurture a committed robotics community through impactful projects and member development. The club adopts Robot Operating System (ROS) as the main robotics middleware framework to keep pace with industry demands as well as to ensure that our projects are cross-compatible and hardware-agnostic.

SOAR has grown rapidly in the 5 short years, gaining industry recognition in the form of a sponsorship from Lionsbot in 2018. We aim to groom and nurture young robotics engineers who are well-rounded and can tackle a variety of real-world robotics challenges. On top of this, SOAR is active in keeping pace with the industry's appetite through our involvement in events such as Makerfaire Singapore and Singapore Robo Expo. Our members find part-time employment with industry too!

While we are a very niche club, we welcome people of any background to come and join us on this journey. We believe that robotics should be accessible to everyone and host regular workshops to impart skills and knowledge. In addition, we take on a variety of robotics projects to build our members' skills and club capabilities.

Interested in joining SOAR? Drop us an email here and we will be in touch!


To Nurture A Committed Robotics Community
Through Impactful Projects and Member Development


Soar Challenge

SOAR Challenge aims to introduce robotics in a fun and engaging way. Participants will hone their basic robotics skills in a series of workshops, build a robot, and face-off in a challenge.

Roboclash 2024

ROBOCLASH 2024 is making a comeback! Get ready for another round of intense robot battles and exiting challenges! Whether you're a novice or a pro, this head-to-head competition is your chance to showcase your skills. Take on the challenge, build a robot, and watch it battle it out in the ultimate ROBOCLASH!

Registration starts on 27 Oct 2023 till 15 Nov 2023! What are you waiting for? Go click on the link now!




MOMObot was our first foray into autonomous service robots 5 years ago and it has become an icon of SOAR. MOMObot is a modular and mobile service ground robot that is capable of autonomous localisation, even in crowded environments! Developed to carry payloads of up to 50kg, it is a stable autonomous platform for us to develop novel applications for autonomous ground robots.

Look out for MOMObot at SUTD's 10th Anniversary TechLaunch celebration in 2019, where it was featured on The Straits Times and Channel News Asia!


Under Water Unit [UWU]

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